Gilbert Lewis

Obituary of Gilbert Richard Lewis

Today we are here to honour Gilbert Lewis, or as I knew him, Uncle Gilly. For all that knew him he always spoke his mind, had an upbeat positive attitude and most of all always looked for the silver lining no matter how bad the situation got. Even though he had his bad days, as we all do, he always managed to bring joy and laughter to those around him.

He loved his music and classic cars. Anyone he met no matter if for the first time or if you he knew you his whole life he would always listen to your problems and welcomed you with open arms. He would also say that’s how life goes sometimes but always told you to keep pushing through and look to the future because it would get better one day.  In the words he spoke often, “ Rock On,” rest in peace Uncle Gilly. I know your watching over all of us. You are loved and we never be forgotten.

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